Derek Barber

Derek grew up on the Great Lakes in Ontario and from a young age fishing and outdoor adventure became a major part of his life. These early adventures accounted for many a trout, pike and bass. Then it happened, Derek hooked his first steelhead, and from that moment his life changed.His teen and college years were dedicated to chasing steelhead across the great lakes. It became clear that his steelhead passion would somehow shape his future, and how it did. 

 In his early twenties Derek loaded a few belongings into his car and headed west for the promised land, Skeena country. From that point on Derek forged his future in the fly fishing world. Over a decade on, Derek has become one of the most highly regarded guides out there assisting clients across British Columbia in search of Steelhead, Pacific and Atlantic salmon on such rivers as the Nass, Skeena, Grand Cascapedia, Matapedia, Dartmouth and York, to name a few. After countless hours spent exploring and guiding the Skeena system Derek and his wife, Brittany, now proudly own the Nass River Lodge, a remote summer run Steelhead camp on the pristine upper Nass watershed. He has had the great pleasure of fishing many amazing waters around the globe, catching numerous species on the fly. Destination fishing still plays a big part in Derek’s life but as he openly admits, nothing beats the time shared on home waters with his wife and children.  

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