A New Perspective

Meaningfully different

There comes a time when we need a new perspective, an alternative choice. We get tired of the same, average, generic products, the small differences between brands. A real alternative should be meaningfully different.

Serious Fly fishermen

Like you, we at Driology are serious fly fishermen. And we hear our fishing friends and connections worldwide demanding something different, an alternative choice in high quality fly fishing apparel, clothing which will function within our demanding fishing environments.

Research, Design, Testing

Five years ago we decided to stop wasting time moaning about it and instead focus our attention on creating something special, creating the alternative. The years of intensive research, design and testing have finally come to fruition. Doing things differently makes a difference.

Outstanding, never average

We don’t design and produce our pieces from quality compromising financial spreadsheets. We want (and need) to produce pieces which are outstanding, never average. We work on the premise that it takes as long as it takes and costs as much as it costs… We are concerned with quality, with getting it right. Using the best performance materials, functional designs and advanced manufacturing techniques are critical to achieving this. The look and feel - the design aesthetic - is of no small importance too.


Thankfully, our brand and development partners understand our ethos and from an early stage have supported our journey in creating the only dedicated performance fly fishing apparel brand in Europe.


Is Driology the new perspective? It’s for you to choose.
Tight lines!