Scott Flear

Scott began his journey early, fishing for perch off the town pier with his dad at the ripe old age of four.  By the time Scott turned 10, he asked for and received his first fly tying kit and a dime store fly rod & reel. No one else in his family or circle of friends knew anything about fly fishing and without a mentor, those potential "tools of the trade" lay dormant for 15 years.  It was a teaching job opportunity in Canada’s Northwest Territories that opened up his world to fly fishing in a big way.  Pristine waters, willing fish and some helpful advice made all the difference and finally his childhood aspiration to fly fish had been jumpstarted. Fly tying, casting lessons and hours upon hours of fishing practice ensued, securing his love and determined pursuit of all things fly fishing.  

Since that time, he has had the distinct pleasure and privilege to instruct, guide, be guided and fly fish for the past 25 years. Along the way he obtained his FFI Casting Instructor Certification and takes every opportunity to enthusiastically introduce the world of fly fishing to anyone who is interested.  From Atlantic salmon in Newfoundland to musky in Ontario and steelhead in British Columbia, Canada will always be his favourite place to wet a line.

Scott spends his fall season guiding in the remote, spectacular wilds of northern British Columbia at Nass River Lodge and makes regular trips to the US, the Caribbean and Cuba with his wife to fly fish for anything from tarpon to redfish.

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